Corruptions Of The Heavens

Text:  Isa 14; 12- 19 Jude 1:6 Rev 12:3-4a, Rev 12; 7-9 Rev 12:12 Rev 1:18

Everything God has created including the Heavens and the Earth has a beginning and an end, a purpose and carries the virtues of God which includes; perfection, Holiness, the Truth and Justice. Within the Rest of God, everything He has created work together in perfect resonance and Order. God had created the Angels in the Heavens and the Man on Earth as Spirit Beings with free – will disposition of their Souls; which  dispositions would be subject to Judgment on the Day of the Lord.

Lucifer, a prominent Angel in the Heavens, had dis-aligned himself from God’s purpose for His creation. He would rather exalt himself and be exalted than unconditionally worshiping and serving God’ his Creator. This freewill act of rebellion and dis-order violated the Heavens and corrupted the Divine Order along with a portion of the Heavens that believed in him.

As God would not sit on a corrupted Thrown, that corruption was purged and the villains were separated from the Heavens to remain in Hell till the Day of the Lord.

As the Heavens are the pre-cursor to the Earth, the corruption in the Heavens would imbibe consequent corruption upon the Earth. It was the attendant corruption upon the Earth that brought about SIN and Death causing the Creation Man to fall short of Heavenly Glory and subject to Death. Consequently, Hell and Death have become and remained the woe to the un-regenerated Act!


  • What constitute corruptions in The Heavens? What would constitute corruption in the Soul of Man and How Would it affects His Earth
  • Lucifer, The Devil, Satan, The Dragon, The Red Dragon, and The Old Serpent. Why All Dreaded names for just one fallen Star?
  • Who holds the keys to Hell and Death? What is the significance of this to Man in Redemption?

Courtesy: Ilorin House Fellowship, Ilorin, Nigeria.