DAVID: (Study 7): Carrying The Battle To The Gate

I Samuel 17:31-37, 38-39, 40, 44-58

Against the intimidation of the enemy, the sanctity for the word of God and the purpose in the life of just one man turned the fate of a whole army and the whole nation around. Beyond boldness and bravery, the young David went up against Goliath in the defence and jealousy for the sacredness of the Holy God of Israel. The Holy God of Israel rose up in the defence of His Holy name and with invisible fingers fought against Goliath and won the battle for Israel.

When the name and the purpose of God take the centrality of our passions, then the Heavens will rise up behind us to power that passion!

David’s word to Saul over the giant (Goliath) was that of encouragement (I Sam 17:32). What was the basis of his assurance?

King Saul’s word to David was a discouragement based on crude realities (1sam 17:33). How can facts and realities of life be obstructions to our spiritual capacities in God?

The covering of the presence of the Captain of the Host’s would do better than the armour of Saul on the little David. Discuss.

David had for the battle his staff, 5 smooth stones, shepherd bag, scrip and the sling. What is the prophetic significance of the number five (5) in this situation?

Goliath caused David by his god’s (I Samuel 17:43). David went up to Goliath in the name of the Lord of Host, it was a battle of words between the flesh and the spirit. Discuss

Why did David carry the head of Goliath all the way from the battle field in Judah to display and celebrate with in Jerusalem?

Abner might not have recognize whom David was, but could King Saul ever pretended never to have met or known David? If not why would Saul have acted this way?

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