DAVID: (Study 10): A Covenant of Peace, Even In Time Of Trouble

I Samuel 20:30 – 42

The brutal desperation of King Saul to eliminate David was soon to be afflicted on his home core family. He cursed his wife, nearly killed Jonathan his son for being a loyal friend to David, considered to be a potential threat to the throne. David had fled from Saul’s court in to the wilderness for dear life. Even at such a troublous time, a perpetual covenant of peace was established between Jonathan and David- the two solitary souls.


Jonathan’s love for David was true and pure. Why would such a natural flow of relationship cause so great and violent family strife?

‘Thou shall not be established, nor thy kingdom 1sam 20:31’ how would the life of the anointed David be a threat to the life of Jonathan or the future of the kingdom in Jonathan’s hand?

‘And Jonathan said to David, go in peace… I Samuel 20:42’ in the midst of a death sentence hanging over him and a wilderness experience ahead of him, David entered into a perpetual covenant of peace. Discuss the state of his heart.

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