DAVID: (Study 11): The Emptiness of A Dying Priesthood

I Samuel 21:1-15

The fleeing anointed David needed succor from the Priesthood. He got the succor and much more; which act became the basis for the near complete destruction of an ailing Priesthood by a desperate King Saul.


Why should Ahimelech the priest be ordinarily afraid of suddenly seeing David at the Temple unaccompanied?

…The King hath commanded me a business… I Samuel 21:2. David had wittingly lied to Ahimelech. Would you call this act deception or wisdom towards life preservation?

David asked for bread and got five hallowed bread. What is the prophetic significance of the five hallowed bread of the temple to a fleeing David at this time?

…Of the truth women have been kept from us… I Samuel 21:5. David had lied, of the second time to Ahimelech. Did he need to lie to receive that which is hallowed?

Deog the Edomite servant of Saul, was detained before the Lord at the temple. What could an Edomite be doing at this time at the temple? Was he a fulfilling proselyte before Ahimelech?

Because the King business requires haste… I Samuel 21:8. David had lied the third time in a moment to Ahimelech, this for a weapon. He got the giant sword of the dead Goliath of Gath. What is the significance of this sword to David at this time?

David feigned madness before the Philistine king Achish of Gath. He escaped capture and possible death from the root of Goliath. Discuss this wisdom or deception of David.

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