DAVID: (Study 12): Saul’s Sword Fell Over The Priesthood

I Samuel 22:1-23

David in distress hides himself away from Saul in the cave of Adullam. A wilderness experience that exposed the entire family of Jesse to reprisal from king Saul. Even at the weakest moment like this, David still found strength to rally that family together and to offer them safety with the king of Moab. What a fatherly act from a tenderly youngest son?


The cave of Adullam became a major haven for David, away from Saul. Adullam also became the family rallying point for a distressed family of Jesse. Can we relate this to the family experience of Jacob in Egypt with Joseph?

…And they were gathered to him… and David became a captain over them…..vs 2. A captain over miscreants and fugites. How can a man of David’s grace control and live peaceably with such a Mub?

David, even in his distress, still made arrangement with the king of Moab to save his family-Jesse household from Saul. Can we discuss this heart situation?

Can we discuss David’s obedience to the word of Prophet Gad?

Saul blames everybody for everything he considered was wrong around him. What type of heart situation is this?

Doeg the Edomite represented the spirit of attrition in the land. The word of his mouth became the fuel for the fire of judgment over the priesthood. Discuss.

The servant of Saul would dare not lay their hands on the priest. The Edomite was ready to do the dirty job and he did. Can we trace the vagueness of the Edomite to his roots?

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