DAVID: (Study 13): David, Growing In Maturity And Leadership

I Samuel 23:1-18

David’s profile and maturity for leadership increased in his wilderness experience. As he continually ran away from Saul, he consulted daily with God for his actions and directions. Even in this state of distress, he still fought gallantly to ward off the philistines from keilah. His covenant with Jonathan was equally strengthened, Saul’s attempts to kill him notwithstanding.  


The Philistines were rubbing the threshing floors of Keilah in Israel. David’s response from his distressed state to save Keilah and Israel was patriotic and selfless. Discuss this act disposition of David?

Saul was the king over Israel that could not save Keilah from the Philistines. He was rather too quick to destroy David with the people of Keilah in his desperation. Discuss this act disposition of Saul? 

David had enquired of the Lord before entering Keilah against the Philistines whom he defeated (I Samuel 23:2). Equally, he had enquired of the Lord about his escape away from Keilah and Saul (I Samuel 23:10). Discuss how much David had depended on the ephod for light, direction and the inspiration?

Jonathan sought in the wood to strengthen him and rekindle their covenant. Can we discuss the relative heart situations of both Jonathan and Saul over David at this time? 

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