DAVID: (Study 16): David Restrained From Shedding Blood In Vengeance

I Samuel 25:1-44

The wilderness of Paran secured and consolidated David’s escapade away from Saul. No less than 400 social miscreants joined him in that wilderness and remained loyal to him and his cause. David’s profile rose greatly not only as a fighter and manager of war, he became a great manager of men and situations. He was restrained from unnecessarily shedding blood to save his ego before his men. He met Abigail, Nabal’s  wife whom he later took for wife.


What is the significance of the death of Samuel at this crucial time in the life of Israel, especially so, at a time when King Saul was at a direct war with David?

Nabal was legitimately rich with possession but unwise, ill-mannered and too undiscerning to live long enough to enjoy the fruit of his labour. Discuss this and relate to our natural circumstances.

Paran was at the foot of Mount Sinai. Paran is said to have been located in present day Mecca. King Saul had driven David into the wilderness of Paran. Discuss the prophetic significance of David’s temporary escapade from Cannan to Paran?

The wilderness of Paran trained David more to manage men, times and circumstances. Over 400 social miscreants gave him their loyalty and servitude. Discuss.

Who is David? And who is the son of Jesse…. I Samuel 25:10. This rude attitude of Nabal to David’s humble request hots David’s ego enough to have wanted to destroy Nabal. Can we discuss this unusual emotion in David?   

Abigail gave gift of food to the hungry and angry David and his men in wisdom, to avert disaster. Discuss the prophetic significance of each of the gift?  

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