DAVID: (Study 17): David’s Hands Raised, Not Against The Anointed (Part 2)

I Samuel 26:1-25

For the second time, acting by local informants, King Saul vigorously pursued David like a partridge from hill to hill and wilderness to wilderness across Judea-his nativity. King Saul pursues this task with all his might. He engaged 3000 chosen men to fish David his imagined enemy from within Israel. King Saul could not monster the same military strength against the philistines, the real enemies of Israel from without.

The Lord delivered Saul into the hand of David, like He did of Goliath but David’s reference for the anointing of God over Saul saved the king’s life. It also revealed more of soberness rather than repentance from Saul.


The Ziphites are of Judah even as David. Yet they went as Far as Gibeah to Saul in Benjamin to betray the position of David, hiding and seeking protection amongst them. Can we relate this act of betrayer with that of Biblical Judas against the Lord Jesus Christ?

David’s wisdom and military prowess suggested the quiet bloodless tactics of fighting and disarming Saul without shedding blood. Discuss

David said to Abishai, destroy Him not: for who can stretch forth his hand against the Lord’s anointed, and be guiltless? I Samuel 26:9. Discuss the heart disposition of David by this statement?

…As the Lord liveth, the Lord shall smite him, or his day shall come to die; or he shall descend into battle, and perish 1sam 26:10. Discuss this pronouncement, prophecy and judgment over Saul by David.

So, David took away the cruse of water and a spear from Saul’s bolster… I Samuel 26:12. Can we discuss the prophetic significance of the cruse of water and the spear?

…For a deep sleep from the Lord had overtaken them I Samuel 26:12b. The Lord can weaken the strong and embolden the weak by the tip of his fingers. Discuss this spirit of deep sleep upon Saul.

…For the King of Israel has come out to seek a flea, as when one doth hunt a partridge in the mountain…I Samuel 26:20. Discuss this ridicule and accusation against Saul by David.

Saul sounded sober and shaken for escaping death was he really repentant?

…and Saul said to David, Blessed be thou, my son David: thou shall both do great things, and also shall still prevail. I Sameul 26:25. Discuss this pronouncement, prophecy and blessing to David by Saul.

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