DAVID: (Study 18): David Fled Judah And Israel For Safety In Philistine.

I Samuel 27:1-12

David with his 600-man army resorted to flee the wilderness of Judah out of Israel to seek refuge in the land of the philistines. For a season, he fled from the enemy within and pitched camp with the enemy without. He aligned with the prince of Gath-the same city of Gath that produces the Goliath that once defiled the army of the living God of Israel. This alliance separated David from Saul and gave him the liberty to possess ziklag. And eliminate the Kenites and the Jerahmeelites (descendant of Abraham and Judah respectively) to the delight and amusement of the philistines who planned to put David to servitude forever.  


…And David said in his heart, I shall now perish one day by the hand of Saul…. I Samuel 27:1. David’s decision to escape out of Israel to the philistines was out of fear generated from his soul. It was not a direction by the ephod. Discuss this sudden heart situation and the attending error.

And David dwells with Achish at Gath with his 600 men….. I Samuel 27:3. David aligned with the Prince of Gath-a Principality of the philistines to escape death by Saul. Discuss the wisdom or futility of this decision considering the covenant over Israel.

David secured ziklag to himself from his philistine allies and pursued after the Kenites, Geshurites, Gezrites and the Amalekites to secure himself further. How has this selfish disposition of David tinkered on the Promise and the Covenant of which David himself is a partaker and fulfillment?

…He hath made his people Israel to abhor him; therefore he shall be my servant forever. I Samuel 27:12. The prince of Gath was satisfied with this new erroneous disposition of David that would bring him to perpetual servitude. Discuss the prophetic linings of this servitude.

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