DAVID: (Study 20): God Restrained the Hand of David Against Israel

I Samuel 29:1-11

Secured on the side of the enemy, David was a Saint in the wrong place. He was faithful enough to his host-the Prince of Gath, to follow him as re-reward to battle against Saul and Israel.

It took the divine intervention to restrain David and His men from going to that battle with the philistines even at the very last minute. It was a great deliverance from an impending abomination.


….and I have found no fault in him since he fell unto me unto this days’ I Samuel 29:3. David had willfully submitted to the enemy in the fear of King Saul. Discuss the testimony of prince Achish concerning David to the lords of the Philistines.

…let him not go down with us to battle.1sam 29:4’ the Lord God compelled the lords of the philistines to turn David away from joining the battle of the philistines against Israel. Can we discuss this great deliverance to David?

David, with prince Achish in the land of the philistines was save from King Saul but was a Saint in the wrong place. Discuss this position in relation to the circumcision.

David and his men were turned back from the battle against Israel but still return to abide in the land of the philistines. Discuss the prophetic dimension of this entanglement of David.

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