DAVID: (Study 21): A Remorseful David Returned To Ephod

I Samuel 30:1-31

God’s Hand prevented David and his men from joining the battle against Israel alongside prince Achish of Gath and the philistines. The pains of the invasion of the Amalekites to Ziklag brought David and his men to remorse and repentance before God. He returned to the Ephod even as the Lord gave him Light yet again to victory and full restoration.    


The Amalekites from the rear attack Ziklag and took away the women and the young. Discuss and relate this Amalekites spirit to our spiritual essence.

The Amalek invasion brought David to remorse and repentance; it brought David’s men to near rebellion against him. The camp nearly divided under him in wisdom, he resorted to the ephod. Discuss this camp situation and relate to the covenant church experience.

The Amalekites had violated south of Cherethites, coast of Judah, south of Caleb. Discuss the consequences of this trespass upon God’s given inheritance to his people

And David recovered ALL that the Amalekites had carried away, and David rescued his two wives. I Samuel 30:18. Discuss this victory and restoration divinely sourced.

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