DAVID: (Study 22): Saul And His Three Sons Died In Battle

II Samuel 31:1-13

A Spiritually dis-enfranchised Saul had led the armies of the living God of Israel against the philistines. He went to battle in the strength of his will and might. He had to fight against the Prophecy according to Samuel, as much as he had to fight against the hosts of the Philistine. He lost both battles woefully. He died same day with his three sons in battle even as Israel fled before their enemies. 


And Israel fell down flat at mount Gilboa before the philistines. Can the armies of the living God and the Captain of the Host ever mis-subject to defeat?

Jonathan died in battle beside his father and his brother, did Jonathan deserve to die like this and at this time, considering his valiant spirit for the defence of the Circumcision?

Why did the wounded King Saul choose to fall upon his own sword, instead of the impending death by the of the archers or the sword of the enemy?

The cut head of Saul and his Amour was publish in the house of the gods of the philistines. What is the significance of this act to Israel even in defeat?

The valiant men from Gilboa return the bodies of Saul and his sons from the wall of bethshan in the land of the philistine, burnt them but buried the bone in Jabesh of Gilead in Benjamin. Discuss and describe the spiritual significance of the acts of this valiant men 

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