DAVID: (Study 23): The Folly at Mount Gilboa

II Samuel 1:1-27

The Amalekites youth fled the battle from the philistines but not without the golden crown and the golden bracelet off King Saul’s dead body. He took it to David in Ziklag for reward. Instead he got judgment for his folly for lying even unto death.  


On the third day of King Saul death, and Amalekites in his folly lost his life, but not before delivering the royal golden crown and bracelet from the body of the dead king to David. Discuss the prophetic undertones of the scenario.

David wept and mourned for the death of King Saul and Jonathan as well as for the people of the Lord and Israel, in defeat and anguish. Discuss the heart situation of David even at the turn of event in his favour.

David ordered that the young foolish Amalekites be killed for ‘slaying’ King Saul. Discuss the prophetic intricacies of the slaying bearing in mind the Covenant and the Anointing.

David wrote a lamentation over King Saul while he mourned. Discuss separately his mourning for King Saul from his mourning for the memory of his covenant friend Jonathan.    

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