DAVID: (Study 9) The Enemy Is Set To Kill And Destroy

I Samuel 19:1-24

Oblivious of the secret anointing of David by Samuel, Saul could not but see the risen grace of the Anointing upon David. This ever-increasing grace can only take a man to the very top. Saul felt threatened for his kingdom and must eliminate David. David resorted to Samuel to lay the matter before God. God actually arrested Saul and his servant in Ramah!


Why would Saul’s desperation to kill David take him to Jonathan his son and Michal his daughter-David’s wife?

David fled from Saul to Samuel in Ramah. What could have precipitated the direction of David in his flight?

The spirit of the Lord arrested Saul’s messenger and even Saul in Ramah as they went after David and Samuel. They all prophesied before Samuel. Can we describe the mystery of this level of prophesy?

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