DAVID: (Study 8): David Wilderness Experience

I Samuel 21

David wilderness experiences were such to make David a man of God and to make him fit to rule. Israel was in the wilderness for 40 years so that as a nation they may be fit to manifest God and to rule. The wilderness experiences are to form us into men or women of maturity.

Ahimelech’s (Priest) Dilemma:

  • Leader of the Armies of Saul all alone
  • It is Sabbath, the law forbids any work or travelling

Whenever we pull a deceit through at work, home, business, etc, we should know there is a Doeg the Edomite lurking around.

Doeg: A compromiser, a cheat, a false believer, a man anything goes, vs. 7


  • Why does David has to lie in vs 2,3
  • What is hallowed bread? What constitute the vessels of the young men and was it right for David and his men to eat it, especially that David tricked Ahimelech to give him the bread? Our responsibility as children of God is to choose His way, thereafter He becomes responsible. He is the Holy Spirit; His first name is Holy.
  • If David had been straightforward and told Ahimelech the truth, will he be given the bread to eat? Matt. 12: 1 – 5, Mk. 2: 25 – 28
  • What does the phrase detained before the Lord means?
  • Why did God allow David to see Doeg and take no action, I Sam 22.22
  • Why did God allow Doeg to cause the death of all the priests except one?
  • Is it expedient for David to take Goliath’s weaponry after being dedicated to God?
  • Why would David have chosen Gath to flee?
  • What were the consequences of fleeing to Gath, Ps. 56) the harlot. What can we say about our hereditary in our work with God, Ps. 51: 5 – 8
  • I Samuel 14.7: Saul had defeated the Moabites so natural resentment of Saul follows
  • David had never had any war with the Moabites, only with the Philistines

vs. 6 – 8: We see how the world buy peoples loyalties with vague promises and hope. Saul treated his solders to royalty with people taxes and wealth. He introduced ethnicity into governance, yet showing disdain to Jonathan and David who truly love him. Everybody except

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