DAVID: (Study 7.1): David’s Rising Profile in Saul’s Court

I Samuel 18:1-30

The separation and elevation of David into the kings court had being powered by the anointing grace of God. The manifestation of that grace was soon to be challenged from unsuspecting quarters. The grace of God upon our life makes us to become a threat to the position of the enemy.  


I Samuel 18:1-4 “And Jonathan loved David as his own sou… Can we analyze the reasons and basis for the strong bonds between Jonathan and David?

I Samuel 18:5: David behaved himself wisely, became honorably, and given authority over others. How would the anointing of God on a man transform his personality and his capacity?

I Samuel 18:6-9 the victory celebration song of the women about the relative valiance of David and Saul kindled threat and jealousy in Saul. Can we discuss the state?

Saul became growingly afraid of David because of the growing grace of God upon his life. Why should the diminishing grace in Saul be aversed to the growing grace in David?

I Samuel 18:18. How does this statement reflect the humility of David’s heart.

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