DAVID: (Study 3.1): Jonathan Loved David For What He Could Do For David

I Samuel 18, 19, 20, Romans 6: 1 – 15. II Thessalonian 2: 11 – 13

When Saul knew of David genealogy he was not well disposed to him again, he did not fulfil his promises. Saul was looking out for a son in-law who will measure to standard and not a poor shepherd boy. Saul’s love was carnal and self-serving in its entirety. Jonathan on the other hand love Joseph, initially with the euphoria of victory over Goliath but later as an anointed of God to be king in Israel. Jonathan was born with a silver spoon (heir apparent to the throne in Israel and with a wealthy grandfather, Kish) but David was born a poor fellow. Jonathan name means YHWH indicating his father saw him as a gift from God. Jonathan was an example of how to treat the less privileged, I Sam 18.4. Jonathan loved David for what he could do for David.

Romans 13 was written when Nero the brutal dictator was emperor in Rome. Nero demanded worship and was called Lord, but the Christians at the time refused, for this righteous disobedience, they were burnt alive. Jonathan faced such a risk in his approach to Saul.

Jonathan was dealing with two men at the same time. One evil one righteous. Jonathan helped Saul to make a godly choice in vs 6 if however, for a while. He was irrevocably committed to kill David.

Jonathan knows quite well that God does not require a vast army to save (The battle with Philistines at Michmash), but we can see emotions and dependence on the flesh in his quest to save David.

Vs. 41 Jonathan returned to the city to his father Saul. Jonathan, though a righteous man, he never separated himself from Saul. It was a major calamity for Jonathan that eventually led to his death. Jesus has saved us, we must severe every linkage and sympathy from the unrighteous Saul or genealogy and cleave to David. The Assyrians were good in this, any territory conquered, they root out the people and carry them more than a thousand miles away making it difficult to rebuild the city or life style. The Romans failed in this respect, they put standing armies in conquered territories, leading to continuous rebellion of the natives, that brought Jewish Zealots. God must take David from Jonathan, for as long as David remains with Jonathan there will always be two opinions of Saul and Jonathan.

Saul because of his choices ended up a depraved man who had to seek help from the occult.

Discussion/ Interaction

  • Can we compare the characters of Saul and Jonathan in relation to David and ultimately to the work of the kingdom?
  • What risk was Jonathan taking in I Sam. 19: 1- 7 compared to Rom. 13.
  • Mention some of the choices of Jonathan and their effects on him? David and Saul
  • Why is Jonathan and David not enemies, knowing that Jonathan by birth is the heir apparent and David by anointing is God’s choice?
  • What is the attitude of Jonathan towards two enemies David and Saul?
  • Why will David sacrifice the yearly sacrifice in Bethlehem, rather than Shiloh?
  • Rom. 6: 15 – 23. There is a pathway of sin, as there is of righteousness. Saul the pathway of sin. What is your choice?
  • Mention other instances relationship are severed for the purpose of God’s kingdom. (Abraham, Marriage, Born Again, etc)

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