Saul: A brief Review

I Samuel 17:55 – 58: 24, Romans 1: 19 – 32.

  • Chosen of God, anointed of God for service
  • Allowed Ego and personal desires to dominate him
  • Father to Jonathan, Abinadab and Malchishua who stayed well with him through his years of madness and died fighting with him on mount Gilboa. He did a good job as a father. We shall David sons (Solomon, Absalom, Adonijah, etc) later, but just to mention they were not as disciplined as those of Saul

Saul’s life is a warning that Carnality can destroy our effectiveness.

Samuel told Saul the word of God that the kingdom has been taken away from him and given to a neighbor better than him. Saul’s response is that.

  • I will be king irrespective of what God says. Saul chose the path of rebellion. When we choose to rebel against God’s light we go downward in the path of increasing darkness, Rom. 1: 19 – 32 (ISV). Vs. 26 says God gave them over to degrading passions,
  • Ruled by emotions, impulses and sycophancy of the people surrounding him.

Chapter 17:55, Chapter 18.

  • Chapter 19. After failing through the Philistines, Saul instructed his servants to kill David. This depravity of man to keep his ego and pride.
  • Mention how many of Saul’s attempts in David’s life and God delivered from them all, Ps 18. Title
  • Mention various ways God resisted Saul, so that he could repent. Compare vs 21 with Balaam, Numbers 22:28
  • Vs 24, why was Saul still able to prophesy after all his wickedness.
  • Vs 25. Saul demanded 100 foreskins of the Philistines. Nothing the Amorites were also in the land. The Philistines were skilled warriors and Saul’s thought was that David be killed. The Amorites were also uncircumcised but were unskilled in battles


  • Why would Saul ask about the father of David seeing that he knows David? Could possibly be because of his promise of his daughter to the man who kills the Philistine and being a proud man wants to know the lineage of his supposed son in law. He may have been shocked that he was the son of a nobody called Jesse.
  • Compare the love of David and Jonathan and David and Saul? (Jonathan, out of genuine heart feeling and seeing the grace of God in David, (I Samuel 18:4), but Saul, for what David can do for him. Saul did not even love David as to give him his daughter, (I Samuel 18: 17,19).
  • vs. 5, why was it important for David to behave himself wisely being as supposed Chief of Staff of Saul. (The office brought him into direct conflict with Abner). David was loved by all the people and even Saul’s courtiers. He became a unifying factor for the 12 tribes
  • vs. 6-9-13. Can we identify the role of peoples in David and Saul’s lives, and how do we handle it? Eze.28: 12 – 19. The women song became so popular in Israel that the Philistines know the song I Sam. 29:5. This naturally makes a proud man angry. Most often the enemy triggers the people against the servants of God for no fault of their own. This transformed Saul’s love for David to that of jealousy, demotion and ultimately to a murderer. Saul degenerated to a state that he could discern between truth and error.
  • verse 6. Is Saul Action repentance or a remorse?

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