DAVID: (Study 1): Saul – The Fallen Man, After The World Order

I Samuel 8 – 14

Saul made King: I Samuel 9: 2, 15 – 22, I Samuel 10: 1 – 10, 24 – 27, I Samuel 11: 12 – 15, I Samuel 13: 8 – 14.

  • The God (anointing) gave Saul a new Heart, I Samuel 10:1 and 9
  • Chosen of God to be king forever, I Samuel 13: 8 – 14

Saul’s Problem

  • Lack of commitment to God
  • Disobedience
  • The fear of the people
  • Perpetuity of the throne in his name.

God has to first disqualify Saul’s lineage from reigning and then disqualify Saul and actually take him off the throne.

Saul was a vivid demonstration of the flesh (Me without Christ), he was “a man after the World’s own heart”. A carnal believer even though he was a prophet of God. God has to disqualify him because he was a man of the flesh. Saul would (not could) not just deal with the flesh. Flesh runs through the whole processes of human actions, motives, and attitudes but it is without God and without Christ. That is why it cannot please God, Rom. 8.8. The flesh wants to please God but most often it cannot. The flesh does not allow God to be God in us, rather the flesh does its best to be God in our lives.

  • Mention issues where the flesh has tried to be God in our lives
  • Why was it difficult for us to deal with the flesh?

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