DAVID: (Study 6): The Challenge Of The Enemy

I Samuel 17:1-11, 13-30

Goliath of Gath-the champion of the philistine was too intimidating to a dismayed and fearful army of Israel under Saul. Goliath defiled the army of Israel for forty days and could not be challenged back for lack of courage and the right spirit from within the ranks of the host of Israel. Until a David was thrusted into the camp.


The Philistines caused Goliath might and stature to intimidate Israel into fear and dismay. How often does the enemy use gigantic structure to defy the circumcision in Us?

Goliath defiled Israel for forty days. What is the prophetic implication of these forty days of provocation and humiliation against Israel?

Three eldest sons of Jesse were with Saul in the battle against the philistines. Why would Jesse send the eight and youngest son to know the farewell of his brethren?

I Samuel 17:26 Who is this uncircumcised philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God? Can we discuss the spirit of David behind this statement in the defence of the circumcision?

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