DAVID: (Study 4): The Root of Jesse

I Samuel 16 : 15 – 23. I Samuel 16 : 1 – 15

The prophecy of the anointed King from the root of Jesse, must come to fulfillment in David. An obscured David must be revealed, anointed and separated unto God from among his brethren. A definite Jesse household must be defined, in Bethlehem of Judea, for God’s ultimate purpose for Israel to come to pass. There is the set path and the available Grace for divinely assigned roles ahead of us.

It will take the Light of God’s definite counsel, to separate the true son from the darkness and contradictions of his root strongholds, to fulfill God’s counsel for our life, in Creation.   

David was the youngest in the Jesse household and probably much younger the other seven sons. His brothers particularly Eliab did like him much. He was least in the family. Samuel invited Jesse and his sons to a private feast of the priest which was a honor, Jesse forgot David and was not taken along to the feast, this probably shows a preferential treatment to the other sons to the detriment of David. This could explain some of the terrible things David did due to a very tough background. History tells us that David’s mother was probably the second wife to Jesse and thus held with contempt. Being the only son of his mother and two sisters (Zeruiah and Abigail), he lived a very hard life from the beginning. We see this similarity in the life of Jesus, growing up in Nazareth without a clear cut earthly father. Jesus had to support his family in physical labor and may have been probably hated by his brothers who never believed on him until crucifixion and resurrection, I Cor. 15.7.this is the man God chooses.

Discussion/ Interactions:

–    ‘The Lord said to Samuel, how long will you mourn for Saul?…………………… 1samuel 16:1.

Mourning is emotional and of the soul. ‘How could our emotions affect our spiritual walk ?

  • ‘But Samuel said, how can I go. 1sam.16 vs. 2’

How often do we limit God’s counsel, for fear, in the defence of the self ? 

–        ‘I will show you what to do.1sam.16 vs. 3’

          The prophet must only act by the precise divine revelation. discuss

–        …. Man look at the outward appearance but God look at the hearth…1sam.16.vs 7

–        …There is still the youngest, tending the sheep… I Samuel 16:11

father’s household? What prophetic allusions can we attach to David’s roles in his

       From that day on,  the Spirit of the Lord came to David in power. I Samuel 16:13

The anointing, the spirit of God and power paves the way for the anointed. Discuss. 

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