DAVID: (Study 3): The Valiant Spirit of Jonathan

I Samuel 14 : 1 – 17, 18 – 30, 37- 45. I Samuel 14 : 15.

The Spirit of God might have departed from Saul, but the presence of God remained with a people with whom he has covenanted forever. Samuel might have departed from Saul, yet Saul still had the ark of covenant, the apostate Priesthood and the army at his beckon. Nevertheless, the philistines were still a treath to the nation sending many Jews into hiding. He took the patriotic, selfless and valiant spirit of a young Jonathan for the invisible host of the Lord to take over and win the battle for Israel. It will always take the quiet but true company of people of the right spirit to move the hand of God for a nation or Generation.


  • What traits in the secret and solitary act of Jonathan would describe the state of his spirit?
  • I Samuel 14:15 and there were great trembling in the host… And the Earth quaked and it was great trembling. Can we discuss the invisible hand of the captain of the host of heaven in this battle?
  • I Samuel 14:3 And the people knew not that Jonathan was gone… the ark of the covenant and the apostate priesthood were with Saul. How ineffective was the priesthood to Saul and the nation at this time?
  • I Samuel 14:45 Shall Jonathan die, who had wrought this great salvation for Israel? Beyond the oat and the honey why would Saul have wanted Jonathan to die?
  • Can we analyze the spirit of Saul in this battle?

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