The Word And You (2)

A. Considerations (Mediation on the Word)

B. Preambles

1. Meditation is a reflective spiritual activity carries out by man in his mind either in the conscious or subconscious state for a determined purpose. It could also variously be described as the process of pondering, reasoning, contemplation, deliberation, thinking or thought. For the Christians, a deliberative meditation subjects a discussion process in the mind between the spirit man and the Holy Spirit of God. Meditation on the Word of God brings the spirit man face-to-face with God by way of direct tutelage by the Holy Spirit; dividing through the lengths, the breadths and depths of the Word.
By this process the greatest character in the scripture had come to the greatest height in the knowledge of God’s ways, knowledge and wisdom.

2. Why should we meditate on the Word?
Biblical Guides

– for the fulfillment of God’s expectations and promises (Gen 24:63)
– Godly success and prosperity (Joshua 1:8)
– Godly reference and worship (Psalm 119:15)

3. Biblical character and study on meditation
– Noah – Revelation of the Ark (Genesis 6:15-20)
– Moses – Revelation of the Tabernacle (Exodus 25:9)
– Joseph – Interpretation of Pharaoh’s dream (Gen 41: 25: 26)
– Daniel- Interpretation of the King writing, (Daniel 13: 13-15)
– Job
– Jonah …. Inside of the fish belly (Jonah 2:1-2)