The Word And You (4)

A. Consideration: Obedience to the Word

B. Preambles

1. Man’s obedience can be described as his reactive action(s) or immediate and unquestionable response(s) to directive(s) from a higher Authority. To the Christians, Obedience is the immediate and unquestionable response(s) in thoughts or deeds to the Commandments, the Word (written or spoken) and the Will of God – His Creator. Severally, Obedience could also be described as the submission, compliance, yielding to, having agreement with, having respect for or inconformity with the directives of a higher Authority, in this case God the Almighty.
Obedience has been the major tool in the lives of notable biblical characters that have profound and successful work with God; indeed obedience can be described as their ‘rod’ or ‘working stick’ through the ages.

2. Why should we obey the Word of God?
– Expression of Love and Respect to God – John 14:15 ‘ ….if ye love me’
– Act of Purification of the Soul -1Peter 1:22 ‘… purifying your souls in obeying the truth’
– Promotion of Divine Delight in man -1Sam 15:22 ‘….to obey is better than sacrifice’
– Divine Promotion / Blessing – Deut. 28:1-2

3. What are the Consequences of Disobedience?
– Sin against God – Prov 14:34 ‘… but sin is a reproach’
– Rebellion against God – Num 20:24 (Aaron), Num 27:14 (Moses), Duet 1:27 (Israel)
– Curse / condemnation to man Deut 28:15

4. What we need to be in perpetual obedience
– Looking unto Jesus alone as our standard – Heb 12:1-2
– Keeping man’s WILL (soul) and carnality (flesh) under perpetual control – Rom 8:3

5. Biblical Characters and the Study of Obedience
– Enoch
– Noah
– Abraham
– Moses
– Job
– Daniel

6. Discuss Practical / Contemporary Life Experiences
– At Personal Level
– At Family Level
– At Church level
– In Business