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Main Biblical Texts For Consideration

“Israel was holiness unto the lord, and the first fruits of his increase…” Jeremiah 2:3

…saith the LORD GOD, Will I be the God of all the families of Israel, and they shall be my people, “Jeremiah 31:1. “…my people is risen as an enemy: ye pull off the robe with the garment from them that pass  by….The women of my people thou cast out …….from their children have ye taken away my glory…” Micah 2:8-9

Again I will build thee and thou shall be built O Virgin of Israel…” Jeremiah 31:4

Come ,and let us return to the Lord ,for he hath torn and he will heal us: he hath  smithen and will bind us up …After two days ,will he revive us :in the third day he will raise us up .” Hosea 6: 1-2 .

 “Repent ye therefore and be converted that your sins may be blotted out when the time of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord.” Acts 3:19-21

A careful study through the listed scriptures leaves no doubt about the mind of God for His people, by covenant, a classified nation called Israel and prophetically referred to as the Church of God. Israel is also often referred to scripturally as Jerusalem, the City of God, as well as Zion of Gods perfect Glory. The constant word in the mind of God has ever been the restoration of His people, Israel back to the perfect state of His covenant with them. By His Spirit, He spoke through the Prophets and the Apostles, across the ages, over the restoration of Israel: even till the present time. The following questions may therefore be relevant:

What is the Church?

What is Restoration?

Why must the Church be restored ?

The Church

The word “Church” is derived from the Greek word “Ecclesia”, meaning “the Called Out Ones”. Called out of SIN and its degeneracy .This was consequent to their salvation, by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. They constitute a spiritual body, headed by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself and administered by the Holy Spirit. The ministry of the Holy Spirit empowers the Church through the manifold gifts and graces distributed within, for her edification. The divine purpose for this spiritual empowerment is to enable the transformation process that must span the church age .That process is for the perfection of the Saints into the highest spiritual level desired by God for them: having been purged of the corruption of Adamic fall. The believer, in this perfect state would have conformed with God’s Creation Plan for him.

The Church therefore, should be seen as the vehicular tool in God’s hands for transforming those that believed the Lord Jesus Christ, into the Eternal Life. It is the perfect Church that produces the perfect man. It is equally the perfect man that the material Creation of God is waiting for, to be restored.


Why Must The Church Be Restored?

Restoration speaks of the process of reverting a condition, situation or state from an unacceptable level to the standard level or pattern. Restoration can also be described as the recovery process, back to the desirable original state. The restoration of the Church therefore cannot be isolated from the restoration of mankind. In other word, the fully restored Church is the final stage in Gods Restoration Plan for mankind. Actually, that Plan was initiated from the very beginning: immediately the first man, Adam, fell short of God’s presence. He fell into an unacceptable state and was driven out of the Garden. God immediately barred his untutored re–entry, by the raising of a standard – a spiritual pattern’ which was established by God at the Gate. The Standard was represented by the joint ministry of the Cherubs and the two-edged flaming sword.

Prophetically, the restoration benchmark set by God for Man, is to be measured against the impeccably pure joint ministry of the Word and the Holy Spirit. These two continually bear the singular witness in the life of a man, a people and even a generation, of the Testimony of God in their midst. In the Book of Genesis 6:5, the Witness condemned the generation of that time of being “desperately wicked and evil continually “. That same standard pronounced Noah, as “a righteous man before God “and separated him from the flood that latter consumed his generation. He constituted the “remnant” stock- the seed needed by God to keep His Restoration Plan for mankind in focus.

The generations of the seeds of Noah were proved to be no less vile before

God, than the generation of their father that went down with the flood. Humanity at the time, was being guided by the conscience (the Knowledge of Good and Evil), which could neither move the natural man near Gods presence nor His Restoration Plan for him. Yet, out of that generation, God found a “remnant” stock in Abram, whose absolute faith in God was accounted for him, as righteousness. With him, God established an everlasting Covenant, out of which the generations of all other nations shall be partakers, to be restored to God. His seed shall constitute a holy nation unto God. They shall be His people, a “remnant” of Godliness and righteousness on Earth.  That nation, as natural Israel, was ordained to be the fore-shadow of the spiritual Israel, by which Man will be finally restored to God.

Through a time dispensation that spanned generations, God separated them from other nations and gave them the Law, to prove, purge and prepare them for Himself. By that Law, He gave them the “pattern” in the natural, for righteousness, the holy priesthood and the worship of His presence. That Law proved Israel rebellious to God and covetous of those nations from whom she was separated. Sworn to them by covenant, God persisted in His Restoration Plan. By the Holy Ghost, He ruled over them by Judges and spoke to them through the Prophets.

In the midst of the darkness of that age, God again identified a “remnant” in David, a humble and valiant youth (from the tribe of Judah), whom He covenanted with and ordained as King and Priest in Israel. At the darkest moment of that age, it was the bridge of the lineage of King David, that God used to move Israel into the final age in Gods Restoration Plan for Man, (that is, the Church Age). Proving prophecies, God came down to Earth in the form of the natural man, after the over-shadowing experience of an espoused virgin, by the Holy Ghost. The humble birth was resisted by the kingdom of darkness, but at the age of thirty, Jesus Christ was spiritually ready for a three- and- a- half- year ministry in Israel (with His twelve disciples). He showed and taught the way to righteousness and perfect ion, beyond the Law and the corruption of religion and the traditions of men.

 He offered eternal life among men by the path of the Word and the Holy

Spirit, as was established from the beginning. The apostate priesthood and religious leadership resisted and condemned that ministry. As prophesised also, and at the appointed time, He laid down His life in death to be crucified, that He might pick it up again in His resurrection from death.

Significantly and symbolically in the spirit, His death, resurrection and ascension marked the end of the Law and established the beginning of the Church dispensation. On the day when Pentecost was fully Come , the Holy Spirit of God came down from Heaven to initiate into the Church of God on Earth, as many as believed the Word  in their hearts: that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came in the flesh to reconcile humanity with God . To each of such, is the immediate translation into the new life under the tutelage of the Word and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, both now inherent actively in them. It is the in-working joint ministry of the Spiritual Witness, that will progressively transform the Spirit-man of the believer from “infancy” (childhood) to full maturity (sonship) in God. Accordingly, the full rendering of that process, will see that believer through three progressive levels of spiritual development; the “Passover”, the “Pentecost” and the “Tabernacles”, with each of the first two stages, further sub divided into three additional stages of the transformation experience.  In other words, the young believer/convert must go through six conscious dealing levels of the Word and the Holy Spirit in his soulman: during which time, forms, of carnality and corruption would have been purged out. It is only the purged soul that can attain to spiritual maturity and Sonship; for it is only the Sons that can manifest the perfect Testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ to the world. They shall occupy their places in God and be Rulers in God’s Kingdom upon the Earth.

The carnal and corrupt Church is a lame-duck, earth-bound and moribund:

Ever learning, “having a form of Godliness but lacking in the Power thereof….”    unto perfection. For that Church to have relevance in God’s Restoration Plan, she must first repent.

Recovery From What?

Restoration Unto Whom?

As he probed in the spirit into the generations ahead of the Jerusalem of His time, Jesus went into lamentations. Though the picture was of the natural Jerusalem, it was prophetically valid for the spiritual Jerusalem, “The city of God.” He could see ahead, far ahead of the Church of God, (even before her birthing), the wanton level of her corruption and unacceptability for the divine roles set ahead of her. The devil had inflicted her solemnity with tirades of evils: commerce, theologies, vain philosophies and the traditions of the elders. Jesus had an antedote for the situation. He practically contended, overcame and declared the Temple, a holy place for no other business than for communion with God.

Since the birthing of the church till now, the same pattern of embattled corruption has ever been established in Christendom. The devil has ever continuously been afflicting and tempting God’s people with the aim of distracting them from the faith and luring them into sin: to delay or outrightly halting in their midst, the perfection process by God. Equally so, is the contention against the devil by God’s people, in faith, using as tools, the Word and the power of the Holy Spirit: overcoming, to move the church forward each time. The Apostles laboured assiduously, building on the foundation laid by the Lord Jesus Christ. The kingdom of darkness resisted them, as they were persecuted, executed, infiltrated and polluted with idolatry The “remnant Church “ severally contended through critical stages of the church History and overcame each time, to keep God’s ultimate purpose for mankind in focus (See 2 Thessalonians 2:1-7, Jude 1:1-11).

The Lord Jesus Christ himself revealed to John the Beloved (at the peak of the church’s tribulation of the early first century A.D), of the greater tribulations from the pit of hell, yet to befall the church: terrorizing and distracting her from the primary purpose of bringing believers into full maturity (that is perfection and Sonship).

and she being with child cried travailing in birth and pained to be delivered of ….and behold a great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. And his tail drew part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth; and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born. And she brought forth a man child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron and her child was caught up to Heaven” Revelations 12:2-5

There is no better evidence to the fulfillment of that revelation than the high level of apostasy and abomination, as it is being recorded in the present day church. That church seems to be everything but not the church of the Lord: having been besieged by the devil, the dragon. The church was be-devilled with the merchandising in men and goods, traditions, denominations, false doctrines, sorcery, rivalry, kingdom building and worldliness. The enemy is certainly stooping over the church of God at this time, afflicting her with woes of corruption from both within and without. Saints are beginning to fall away from grace, as spiritual eyes are going blind. Many are being deceived daily for darkened understanding.

If the Lord would return to His Church at the end of the age (which is now) He certainly would not find faith in the church, that is full of wrinkles: for  she must first repent , prepare herself to genuinely seek for divine  deliverance. The Lord has sworn to perfect Zion and His word is yeah and amen. Halelluyah, for faithful is He that has promised.

“For Zions sake will I not hold my peace and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest until the righteousness thereof go forth as brightness and the salvation thereof as a lamp that burneth. “Isaiah 62:1.

What the Lord seeks of His Church at this time is a company of believers, certainly not of the multitude who are humble in their hearts, sober and faithfully keeping their watches, as they wait for the Lord Jesus Christ. With vexed souls, they daily witness the wickedness and the corruption of their generation but with just one resolution in their hearts -: to keep their raiment pure and the Testimony of Christ in their lives unblemished: by the constant out-working of the conscious knowledge of God and His divine graces upon their lives. They shall constitute a remnant of His righteousness in their generation – indeed, in this age.

For their sake, the Lord will do a quick work upon Zion: for Sons shall suddenly receive uncommon divine grace and shall burst forth. They shall be arrayed in glory, as they keep their places manifesting His Testimony as they rule with Him here on earth.


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