The River Of Delight | By Isaac Adimula


Part  One

God in His infinite wisdom and holiness formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul. God continuing in His plan for man went further to plant a garden eastward (i.e. in a place of wisdom) in Eden and put there the man He has formed, Genesis 2:7-8. The foregoing verses give a picture of a divine plan in which man was made to dwell in wisdom planted by the Lord, for which if the man continues in, he will be grounded and rooted in the mercies and favour of the Lord.

Among some important features in the garden are the tree of life, the tree of knowledge of good and evil and a river out of Eden to water the garden. In the plan of God, the man whom He made was put in the choice portion of the land called Eden (pleasure or Delight). This garden is to be watered (ministered) to by a river out of Eden which speaks of the undiluted, unadulterated, undivided ministry from the Lord. The implication of this is that a believer in the choice portion of the Lord’s garden has a pure ministry from the place of His delight unto him. After the garden eastward in Eden, the river divide into four different rivers. Thus a believer outside Eden, the ministry is unto him divided and unwholesome with each division working independently having only 25% of the intended grace from His presence. This leads to degeneracy, unwholesome competition and rivalry. Ultimately the weak river dries up.

Let us carefully examine in great details the four divisions of the river from the presence of God. The first is Pison. The river Pison compasses the whole land of Havilah where there is good quality gold, bdellium and onyx stone. Evidently Havilahi is a land of great riches. The word Pison means changing or extension of the mouth. The river Pison in the land of Havilah thus speaks of an unstable ministry with prosperity in view for the benefit of the mouth (belly) and not even the Church. This is amply demonstrated in Esau who for the immediate prosperity of his mouth changed the divine ministry of the first born into carnal, temporal satisfaction. Havilah is also referenced to Cush, Genesis 10:7 as son and to Ismael, Genesis 25:18. In all these instances, Havilah speaks of prosperity whose ministry is comes from changing (non-constant) mouth. In summary river Pison compassing the whole land of Havilah speaks of a ministry whose undertone is greed and selfishness.

The second river is Gihon: the same is it that compasseth the whole land of Ethiopia. Gihon literally means he that overturns and Ethiopia speaks of darkened understanding of the word of God. Remember Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch Gihon therefore causes an overturn of God’s good intention in the life of a believer, I Kings 1:33 and other biblical references tell us that Gihon was the place Solomon was anointed king over Israel in place of his father, David. Gihon speaks of the overturn of pure ministry into darkened understanding in the word of God. The overturn in the life of Solomon led him to idolatry, and today Gihon is with us with the various mixtures of divine things with idolatrous practices. It is an abomination that maketh desolate and he who allows will be overturn. Men today rather than waiting in the place of seeking the face of God for inspiration will rather turn to books, philosophy, and sensual knowledge in ministry. Ready-made sources of seeking knowledge today are in Bible Schools, Theological Colleges and Seminaries, of which graduates have not really shown any depth in the things of the Spirit. Paul also had this problem and later declared that all were gain to him under Gamaliel he counted as loss. The message of the word of God is “you have an unction from the Holy One and teacheth you all things and you don’t not need any man to teach you, 1 John 2:20, 27.

The third river is Hiddekel that is which goes towards the east of Assyria. The Assyrians are by nature rash and of violent spirit manifested in manners of speaking and administration. Is. 36 and 37. The nation of Assyria was known for arrogance, pride, brutality and more importantly her affront to the Almighty God.Hiddekel speaks of sharp voice towards Assyria, but Assyria is too arrogant to listen to God’s instructions and corrections, rather Assyria will ascribe her victories to Nisroch, the god of the Assyrians, Isaiah 10:5-11.  Yet in Assyria God is merciful, in giving captives open heavens and making the faithful ones to enter into his miseries. Daniel (Daniel 10:4) was by river Hiddekel when he had open heavens and was made to understand great miseries.

Nowadays it is quite common to see men of God point attention, victories and achievements to themselves rather than God, forgetting the word of the Lord that says it is God that teacheth your hands to get wealth. Men want to be called Lords, masters, fathers, etc. The bible call them boasters, proud, lovers of pleasures etc, having a form of Godliness but denying the power thereof. Men want to show they are in charge and the Church has been turned into a place of family merchandise, but these things must stop.

Ilorin , NIGERIA.

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