God’s Heavenly Throne

Isaiah 6:6,66:1-3, Mathew 5:34-35,Psalm 9:7,89:14-15, Revelation 4:1-6

Preamble: The Heaven constitute the Throne of God and the Earth, His Footstool. God so described His Throne to Man, to bring him to a measure of understanding, on who God is and what His ruler ship over him is like.

The Throne of God should not be seen literarily as a physical Royal seat and God sitting on that Throne as a physical being. God is spirit and His Throne seat can only be prophetic.

Out of God’s Throne proceeds the Thrust of the Government of His Divinity, in Righteousness, Perfection, Justice, Mercy, and Truth over all His creation both in the Heavens and on the Earth.

The psalmist had written in psalms 91 about the capacity of Man to dwell in God. The Lord Jesus Christ in John 14:23 equated the love of the Father by Man with the Divine Habitation of Man soul. The Divine Habitation for Man soul is the presentation of the Throne of God and His Government in the Heart of Man.


  • The Scriptures relate us both to the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heavens. What can we see as the differences between these two Kingdoms that rule over the Soul of Man.
  • Where exactly is the throne of God?
  • What do the scriptures mean by ‘The Kingdom this World’? Who is the King in this kingdom, and where is his Throne.

Courtesy: Ilorin House Fellowship, Ilorin, Nigeria.