The challenges confronting man today are clear indications that satan and his hosts are determined to vehemently resist the enthronement of the Kingdom of Christ upon the planet earth. Every member of the body of Christ is targeted. This begets the need to awaken ourselves to embrace effective prayer lives, including following the examples of how the early church prioritized prayers in individual lives and in the corporate meetings.(Acts. 1:14; 2:42; 3:1; 4:24; 12:12; 13:3; 20:36)

We will be examining the teachings of Jesus about prayer, supported by teachings and examples across the entire Bible, for our edification (Luke 11:1; Matthew. 6:5-8)

Prayer is as necessary to a Christian as breathing is to the human body, but it often does not come quite as natural to us as should be. In fact, prayers could easily be subtly pushed aside to favour other activities. As a first approach to these studies, do I need to check on these personally?

  1. Have I learnt to pray constantly, at all times, and for everything?
  2. Am I learning more each day how to spend quality time in the presence of God?
  3. Does my life bear a testimony that my prayers are being answered?

Learning how to pray effectively is a most important undertaking, for every believer who wants to live a victorious Christian life, and thereby fulfill the purpose of his/her creation and salvation. This study reiterates that effective prayers are to be based, and built on the Word of God (The Bible).


  1. To help us develop a living relationship with God, through prayers, learning how to commune with God without ceasing, (Matthew. 6:7-9; Luke.11:2)
  2. To study scriptures that command us to obey the Holy Spirit, in praying in His will (2 Timothy 2:15)
  3. To help us align and subsume our will with the Will of God. (1 John. 5:14)
  4. To help us to depend on the Holy Spirit for worshipping God, witnessing. and demonstration of His power made possible with vibrant prayer lives (Acts 2: 42;46-47; Acts 4:23-31; Ephesians. 6:18-20;1 Thessalonians. 2:2)


JESUS’ TEACHING ON PRAYER  —  ‘(Matthew 6:5-8)

  • When you Pray
  • What is the import of this statement?
  • You shall not be as the hypocrites.
  • Who is a Hypocrite?
  • Can we give examples of a hypocritical way of life? (i)  from the Bible (ii) In present day life?

(c) What is a closet and which door needs to be shut?

(d) What does it mean to use vain repetitions in prayers?

Ilorin House Fellowship, Ilorin, NIGERIA