Tom-Aba Trio | Sweat & Tears

3 thoughts on “Tom-Aba Trio | Sweat & Tears”

  1. I met Tom Aba at Panam’s house one evening at Dutse Uju in Jos. He was such an exceptionally gifted man and such a deep Christian. He was recording an album that evening and I was asked to sing and add to the back-ups . It was such an amazing experience for me. At about 2am we were done with the recording and then we began to struggle with the title of the album. My fiancé who was also singing back ups suddenly said Sweat and Tears and Tom said Wow, that sounds good. That was how the name sweat and tears was born. God bless the memory of Tom Aba, his wife Susan and May he pour great grace upon his children. Thanks so much for sharing this album. It is so nostalgic for me.

    1. Tom Aba may now be asleep in the Lord, the trumpet will remain blowing and sounding for as many that will hear the sound beyond the lyrics. God bless you for your comment

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