PP1.20 – The Hand Of God

I Found Myself In A Corporate Setting

A Very Comfortable Working Environment
In The Midst Of A Couple Of Clients
Discussing Serious Business
All Of A Sudden, Horror Was Let Loose
The Massive Office Block Started Rocking
Furniture In The Room Fell Over Continuously
Commotion Rent The Air, In The Streets Below
Many Buildings Were Rumbling Down
Power Cables Were Snapping, With Sparks
Cars In The Street Were Honking
And Crashing Into Everything
Gripped By Desperation
An Earthquake, I Though It Was

Then There Were Thundering
In The Sky Above
And Endless Flashes Of Lightning
Noise Rent The Air,
Shouting Wailing And Crying
Fire Was Everywhere
Choking Clouds, Of Dust And Smoke
Crept Everywhere

Flung About Within The Ruins
And With The Despair Of Imminent Death
A Sudden Surge Of Life Streamed Through Me
An Instant Quickening Came Into My Spirit
There Was An Overshadowing
Of His Presence
Of Security And Peace
I Found Myself Laid Prostrate
On The Floor, Too Numb To Move,
In All These,
God’s Right Hand I Could Perceive
In Worship My Soul Flowed Out Uncontrollably
Holy, Holy, Holy…
And I woke Up From My Dream


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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