PP1.01 – Turning Aside

Moses Turned Aside

From His Legitimate Pre-Occupation
Not Minding Or Counting The Costs
To Perceive More Clearly
With The Eye Of His Spirit
Why The Cracking Tongues Of The Wilderness Wild Fire
Would Not Consume The Dry Bush
A Ministering Angel Had Constituted The Fire
He Could Have Been A Rainbow Or A Waterfall
He Could Have Been A Roadside Lilly Or Wild Rose
To Portray The Supernatural, The Hand Of God
For Man To Pause, To Go Inside, To See
Beyond What The Eyes Natural Could See
It Was When Moses The Shepherd Did
And The ” I Am That I Am”
Saw That He Truly Did
That His Land Was Made Holy, And
His Trade Tool Turned Gods Testimony
Even Ahead Aaron’s Rod That Budded

Abraham Turned Aside
From The Comforting Rest Of His Tent
Ahead In The Sunny, Dusty Desert Track
His Sleepy Eyes Caught The Scenery
The Dusty Frail Figures Of The Three “Strangers”
He Turned Aside, To Perceive, To Know
Not Minding His Folly
He Ran To Meet The Lord,
To Entreat And To Worship
His Land Was Made Holy, And
The Seed Of The Covenant Was Given Him To Sow.
Gideon Turned Aside
From His Busy Threshing Floor
A Little Time Wasted May Be Costly
The Midianites Again May Be In The Waiting
To Loot The Harvest, The Toil Of God’s People
But When The Angel Of The Lord
Like An Idle Stranger Came Calling
Gideon Turned Aside, To Perceive, To Hear, To Know
His Threshing Floor Became A Testimony
His Land Became Holy
His Hand, A Destructive Tool Against Baal
Ahead Of His Commission
The Wisdom Of The Father In His People
Is To Learn To Step Aside
To Learn To Wait To Pause
To Be Quiet And Still

No Matter How Short Or Long In His Presence
No Matter Where Or When
To See Through The Storm Or Rubble
Through The Thorns Of Afflictions
As We March Solemnly On Through
The Lonely Pathways Of Life

Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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