PP1.02 – Atoning Fire

Then, I Saw The Brethren

Great And Small As They Journeyed
Towards This Huge And Lovely House
Its Courts And Pathways, Winding
It’s Garden, Wild And Dry
Yet The Brethren Trooped In To Fill The House.

Then Came A Gale From Without
Lighting Struck And Thunders Roared
”The Rains Must Be Here” I Thought

But It Was Not To Be!
It Was A Gale Of Fiery Flames.

Then I Saw The Trees Consumed
After, The Dry Garden In Flames Went Up
Its Cinders Littered The Courts
Its Presence Turned Void Among The Paths
Making The House More Naked
In Its Loneliness.

Then The Flaming Tongues TorchedThe House
It Burnt The Roof, The Walls It Burnt
It Burnt The Doors, The Windows It Burnt
They All Burnt Yet Not Consumed
Then The Fire Seeped Into The House
In Fear, The Brethren Fled Their Rooms

In The Hall They Gathered As One
Close, Holding One To Another In Frenzy

As The Fire Scourged, It Burnt The Curtains
And The Tables And The Chairs
And Even The Carpets
Then, Suddenly The Burning Stopped!
And As The Cracking Tongues Simmered Down
And The Lightning And Thundering Came To Cease
The Huge And Lonely House, Left To Stand
The Cheery Brethren, Left To Live!
And The Crooked Path, Left To Emptily Wind
In The Tranquility Of The Court And Time.

Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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