PP1.03 – Dew In The Night

sunset on the beach with screw ocean wave

After The Blissful Sojourn
In The Cheery Brightness Of The Day
Came The Subtle Deceit
And The Setting Of The Sun
Then A Lowering. A Tumbling Down
Into The Gloomy, Scarry Night.

The Dark Shadowy Night Of Owls
Where Foxes Range The Hills
And Rats Ravage The Barns
Where Hungry Pythons Lie In Wait
And Devilish Bats Possess The Heavens
All In A Reign Of Woe

Just As The Night Dragged Past
And The Painful Watches
Became Endlessly Long
Waiting Became A Pain
As Hoping Became A Strain
Even The Morning, A Distant Tomorrow.

Then It Began To Fall
The Silent But Steady Dew
Dew Of Grace And Mercy
From A Sovereign Heart
Of Compassion
And A Watchful Eye
Of Jealousy.
His Tender Covering
To Bear
The Blistered Soul, To Soothen
Also The Plundered Meadow To Heal
And The Saints, To Restore, To Preserve.

When, The Dawn Filtered Through
Rays Of Light Shone So Bright
For The Inner Eye To See
There Came A Lifting Up,
New Found Strength
Surging Hope Akindled
Redeemed Faces Aglow
A Fragrant New Day Is Here

Good Morning Lord!


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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