PP1.04 – Mountain Of Pride

Exalted  And Proud
Ranging Among The Clouds
From The Misty Clouds
The Lowly Hills Below Hid
Wild Goats Range And Climb
In The Rocky Thorns Of My Peak
Hawks In Brutish Strength Glide And Prey
Poised In Majestic Splendor
In Vast Scarcity, I Glory

A Sudden Well Oozing Up From Within
A Spring From Limitless Depths Of Grace
Its Fountain Waters This Dryness
Its Coolness Offers Warmth From Wintry Solace
Adorned With Life, its Brooks Glory
Its Ferns And Lilies Clothe Every Nakedness
And Its Lushfull Reeds
Daily Measure Every Reach

Filling To Its Brim
It Overflows Forth
Running Down The Slopes
Crushing And Washing
Scouring And Brushing
This Consuming River Of God

False Glory It Plunges Down
Its Bed, A Grinding Spell
Broken And Battered
Crushed And Grounded
All Haughtiness Turned To Silt
The Valleys Below To Fill
And The Fallow Plains To Feed
That True Life May Sprout


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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