PP1.05 – The Knowledge Of You

The Knowledge Of You
Caused To Be
A New Man Of Measure In Me
Like A Cool Gentle Breeze
The Sweat Of My Toil You Dried To Soothe
In The Scotching Heat Of My Day

The Knowledge Of You
Like A Drizzling Rain
In Time Within My Times
Had Soaked My Cloak Of Dryness
My Soul It Has Sanctified
My Feet It Has Washed
And To My Eyes
A New Light,
A New Vision To Behold

The Knowledge Of You
Like A Spackling Wine
My Trembling, Fragile Vessel To Fill
A New Spirit In Me You Had Created
A Token Of Your Power And Might
A Vessel Of Flesh To Reform

The Knowledge Of You
Like Dew, Is Soothening To Me
In The Deep Silence Of My Nights
And In The Depth Of My Valleys
My Comfort It Has Been
My Solace Always Is,
To Heal And To Keep


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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