PP1.08 – The Nitric Sands

From The State Of Very Deep Sleep
I Found My Spirit Released Into Space.
With Great Abilities Of Vision And Motion
My Spirit Was Led Zooming
Through So Much
Of God’s Vast Creation
Countless Heavenly Bodies, Intricately Arrayed
Spinned And Sped Away
In Great Precision And Splendor

As Countless Streams Of Light Interplayed
From So Distant Sources
The Whole Scenario Before Me
Looked So Mighty And Great
Yet So Scanty It Was,
In The Vast Expression Of Space
That Laid Ahead,
My Spirit, I Realised,
Was Being Quickened Beyond
Physical Spaces And Time

Then A Green Body
Came Before Me And Stopped
As Its Details Enlarged
I Recognized It As Planet Earth
Of A Sudden, It Was Taken Away
Replaced By A Big Scroll
It Unfolded And Laid Before Me.
It Was A Great Map Of The World

Then A Small Piece Of Wood.
Like A Drumstick
Appeared Before Me Floating
And Rested Upon The Map
The Wooden Stick Led Me To Some Waters In Siberia Of Asia
It Pointed To Some Ships
Lined Along The Coasts
By A City Named Navy Habour
The Wooden Stick Pointed To Arrows On The Map
Leading Away From This City
Through The Arctic Sea
To Another City, Khatanga.
By The Coast Of Yet Many More Waters
The Arrows Led Again Across The Waters
To The Other Side,
The West Coast Of Central Siberia
Leading Northwards, The Arrows Moved Back
To The Arctic Sea
But By Way Of The Coast
Midway Through, On The Northern Shores
Of Central Siberia
The Arrows Terminated.
The Wooden Stick Floated To That Spot And Rested

Suddenly, The Big Map Before Me Folded
And Was Taken Away
Then, I Found My Spirit
Hovering Above A Camp
On A Terrain 
Completely Covered With Snow
The Roofs Of The Buildings
Were Covered Also With Snow       
I Saw Chain Fences And Barricades At The Periphery
Of The Camp Roundabout It.
I Saw Several Human Figures Heavily Clad,
Briskly Moving
Up And Down The Camp
I Saw Them Moving
Between A Wide Pit In The Snow
And One Of The Camp Buildings,
Each Laden With An Open Container
Firmly Held To The Chest.
I Also Saw Some Human Figures, Heavily Clad
Just As The First,
But Located Strategically Throughout The Camp.
They Carried Arms By Their Sides.

Then, I Looked Into One Of The Open Containers
And I Saw What Looked Like Golden Grains
Almost Filled To The Brim.
Then I Asked,
“What Grains Could These Be,
Lord ?”
“Nitric Sands”
“Nitric Sands?”
“Yes, Nitric Sands”
“What For?”
“You Will Be Told, But Wait.”

“Yes Lord”


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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