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PP1.09 – Step Into Jordan

Let The Faithful Priesthood Step Forward

Let Them With Resolve

On Their Bare Shoulders, Bear

The Ark Of The Most High God

With Heavy Burden Of Heart

And With Authority That Is Divine

Step Into This Jordan Of Death

Let It Recede

This River Of Wickedness And Sin

Let It Roll Over And Backwards

Let The Standing Of The Lord’s True Vanguards

Hold Your Pains At Bay

And Make Your Bed Bare And Dry

For Zion To Break Through

There Shall Be A Roar Of Joy

As The Lords Deliverance Tide

Sweeps Through The Entire House

Heavy Cloaks Of Toil To Shed

As Generations Of Wandering Cease

And The Church Of The Lord…

March On

From Ineptitude, Misery And Shame

Into The Mystery Of His Might

Bring Out The Trump To Blow

Let Praise Fill The Air

The Lord’s People Fulfilled


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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To The Glory of God And To Humanity. No Copyrights. November, 2014.