PP1.10 – O Lord! I Repent

O Lord, I Repent
Of My Wayward Wanderings
Away From Your Glorious Presence
When In Fits Of Sinful Lusts
Waiting Before You Seem Ageless
And Silence Before You
Leads My Flesh to Slumber

And My Eyes To Sleep
My Soul, Away To Stow
Every Step Away From You
Entraps My Soul In Darkness
So Vulnerable In My Nakedness
I Cry To Thee
With A Throbbing Heart
O Lord, I Repent.

O Lord, I Repent
Of Presumptuous Spirit
When In My Hollowness
I Fail To See Your Sovereignty
And Claim The Full Knowledge Of You
Planning The Morrow By Way Of Today
And Today, By Paths Of Yesterday
Locating You Where My Temptous Soul Reside
Now Holding Unto Thy Mercy Strings
O Lord, I Repent.

O Lord, I Repent
Of Evil Fits Of Anger
And Moments Of Blinding Rage
When Wrath Takes Rough Hold Of Me
Each Time I Broil In wrath,
Your Gentle Spirit, I Grieve
And A Further Step Away From Me You Take
Leaving Me To Faint, To Choke
So In Despair I Cry
O Lord, I Repent

O Lord, I Repent
Of An Heart Full Of Bitterness
Of Pains From Yesterday
And Of Scars Too Deep To Fade
Each Time I Reminisce
My Cup Is Brimful With Hate
And My Plate With Mounds Of Regrets
From True Love And Peace Hid
I Drift Daily By Swift Torrents Of Guilt
Death And Condemnation SO Close!
In Deep Anguish, I Pray

O Lord, I Repent


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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