PP1.12 – Teaching Me To Walk

As A Babe
When All I Could Do
Was To Cry, Crave And Crawl
You Waited So Patiently
So Caringly On Me
You Mused At My Follies And Failures
You Encouraged Me On
When My Efforts Became Futile
Your Outstretched Hands
Ever So Ready Each Time
When I Failed To Reach

As A Child,
With Unsteady Steps
I Trodded On, Drunk With Zeal
Void Of Knowledge
And Understanding
When My Pace Became Hasty
And My Steps So Unsteady
In Gentle Caution
You Taught Me How
Each Time I Fell To The Ground
Your Strong Hands Pulled Me Up
You Patted My Back
Urging Me, Again To Try

As A Bubbling Youth
My Strength Became My Idol
My Hopes And Goals Became
As Baal
In Carnality, I Perfected My Walk
When I Moved Too Fast
Several Paces Ahead Of You
And When I Dragged So Lazily
Several Paces Behind Of You 
Stern And Timely Warnings
You Spoke
To My Deafened Ears
When My Swift Rebellious Feet
In Sweet Deception Lured Me
Unto A Ground That Was Mire
Your Compassion Flowed Forth
And In Mercy, You Pulled Me Out

As An Adult
Confidence In The Self Ruled Me
My Abilities Served Me
With Meals Of Disdain
And My Knowledge
With Cups Of Wine Of Pride,
My Feet Became Tools To My Head
My Wild Legs Led Me To Hunt
My Spoils Filled The Treasury
And The treasures Became
My Pleasures
In Grieve You Moved Away
Far From Me
Then A Cloak Of Heaviness
Enrobed Me
My Eyes Became Too Dim To See
And My Ears Too Dull
For Your Warnings To Heed
But In A Rushing Wave Of Jealousy
Over My Soul
You Removed My Sail
You Crippled Me And Took Away My Strength
My Glamour And Passions And Took Away
You left Me Naked, And Empty
Alone On this Way
Too Scary To Bear,
Too Lonely
To Tread
Then, In Repentance.
My Soul Cried To You
And In Mercy You Heard My Cry
And To Me You Returned
In Desperation To Live
I Clung To Your Leading Arms
As You Lead me On
First Through Fire, Then Water
Rocky Mountain Sides, I Scaled
Slippery Valley Paths I Ranged
Together With You By My Side
Adding Strength To My Feet
Dictating My Pace And Choosing My Paths
As You Daily Teach Me
How To Walk With You


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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