PP1.13 – The House Of Prayer

Temple’s Door Ajar And Apart
Altar Broken, In Disarray
Porches Empty And In Solace
Glory Departed, For Tears To Well
Clouds Of Darkness, Evil Rain To Pour
A House Profaned, For Devil To Pour
Turned To Market Place, A Gathering Place
A Place To Buy And Sell
Trades Of Curious Arts To Sway
Plundering And Scattering
Noises And Misrule Entrenched 
All Agog And Amock, In Confusion
The Lord’s People Held Captive

Divine Burden Rent The Air
Restoration Time At Last
Separation And Cleansing
That They may Be Brought In
Consecration Call, To Purify
Face To Face To Meet
Between The Cherubs Wings
Drowned In Everlasting Communion
The House Of prayer Restored


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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