PP1.14 – The King’s Meat

Raw-Meat-1From The Ranges Of Gods Glory
And The Zenith Of Promises Fulfilled
From Gods Grace To Low Lying Grass
From Canaan Back To Carnality
From A Glorious End Back
To A Painful Beginning 
Sordid Tale Of A Saint
In A Strange Place

What Has The Lord’s Saint Got To Do
With This Land Of Wickedness?
What Has The Priest Of The Lord Got To Share
With This Valley Of Abomination?
A Spoil Of War, Yes, A Saintly Spoil Of War
In This Land  Of  Shame
A Price To Pay, For Sins Of The Past
Head Bowed In Shame, For Remorse To Well.

A Golden Vessel, From The Altar Lifted
A Stolen Treasure, From The Humbled Temple
What Is The Lord’s Saint Doing, In The Devil’s Den?
The Princely Seed Of Judah, Shall Not
Inside Of Me Be Hid
It Shall Not Gather The Dross Of Sin
It Shall Not Rot, It Shall Not Rust
Like The Precious Gem Stone
It Shall Scatter Its Light.
They Want To Mould Me, To Groom Me
My Tongue They Want To Twist
They want To Fill Me With Vile Wine
The Taste Of My Mouth, They Want To Turn Sour
With A Garment Of Captivity they Enrobed Me
The Eye Of My Soul To Veil
But Nay, I Say, this Will Not Be
This Kings Meat I Reject!

In My Heart, I Do Resolve
Evil Shall Not Nurture Me
This Strange God Of An Estranged People
Shall Not Rule Over Me
From My Ears
Its Counsel I Shut
And From My Mouth,
Its Praises I Spew
From Me O Lord,
Purge The Venom
Of Its Daily Deadly Bites
The Splendor Of Heathen Riches
From My Eyes, Let It Be Shut
The Knowledge, The Spirit Of The Age
Once Pressed Down My Brain
From My Heart’s Gate
Let It Depart
That I May Always In Your Presence Be
And In Your Ancient Scrolls To Search
And Ever Delight


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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