PP1.17 – The Stranger’s Trail

women_forests_83A Lonely But Tortuous Way
The Stranger’s Thorny Trail
Though A Life – Time Spell
The Story OF A Human Spirit
Caused To Pass Through Here
A Lowly And Decadent Earth

His Origin, Rooted In God
His Destiny, Focused On Him
His Time Set Not To Stay
On This Dusty Earthly Trail
His Heart’s Volition
Subject To Test

His Days Set. In Creators Will
His Times, For A Purpose Set
Rainy Days Of Plenty, To See
And Famishing Days Of Pain, To Taste
Times Of Pain And Shame
And Yet Times Of Succor And Warmth
All Just To Build And To Mould

Solemn Life, Quiet And Resolved
In Obedience To Wait
Against Odds By Faith
Earthly Anchors To Break
Heavenly Calls To Heed
Ever So Light In Walk
Ever So Ready To Ascend
In Homeward Journey To Return


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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