PP1.18 – Behold Your God!

heaven-1-by-jack-chickLet Him That Carry The Seed, Ignite
Let Him Burst Out In Flames.
Let The Fire Of Atonement Burn.
Let It Burn Unto Purification, Unto Holiness
Let It Shine Forth, In Brightness
The Truth Lit In Return To: Glory
Let All Shadows Dissolve
That His Divine Substance
May Reveal

Let Him That Carry His Burden
Keep The Painful Vows With Joy
Let Him That Hope Tarry In Grace
Let Him Labour Not In Loss,
For Joy Is Nigh
Let Him Look Up, And Get Up Now!
Up Into The Mountain Of God
And Far Away From
Shadowy Valleys, and
The Vast Plains Of Carnality,

Let Gods Household Behold
Let Zion Behold Her god Unto Glory
Let All Holds Be Loosened
And All Conflicts Be Resolved
Her Adulterous Garment
Let It Be Rent Apart
Her Heart Of Stone
Let It Fleshy, Become

Her Cloudy Eyes
Let Then Brightly See
Her Weary Feet
Let It Gather Strength
Her Darkened Understanding
With Excellence Endow
Let Zion Now Explode
In Your Power And Might


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.


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