PP2.01 – Seal Of Righteousness

By The Working Of Your Spirit
Oh Lord, By The Touch Of Your Hand
Seal The Gate To My Heart
With The Right Hand Of Your Strength
In Your Righteousness To Do
Let Me Be Truly Filled
With One Desire, To Do
That Which Is Your Will
Let Me Seek Your Rest
Let Your Zeal, My Will Possess
Confine Me O Lord
Within The Limits Of Your Courts

Do Cause The Hedges Of Your Love
In Your Jealousy To Wedge Me In
And The Bread Of Life
Separate My Daily Needs
From Those Several Wants
I So Cherish To Hold
Cause My Needs One Desire To Be
A Desire Just To Live
In The Knowledge
Of Who Really I Am In You
And The Knowledge To Palpate
Whom You Are In Me


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.


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