PP2.02 – The Holy Field

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAWaterless Clouds Hung Over The Valley
The Heavens Shut Off Its Rains
Even The Dew Would Not Fall
As The River Beds Bore Their Nakedness
The Earth Cracked Open, In Utter Disgust
The Trees Dried Out, As Leaves Shed 
And The Birds Refused To Sing
What A Harvest Time In The Land!
At The Maturing Of Times
When All Were Out, In The Fields
Toiling To Reap In The Fruits Of Crude Carnality
Scaly Feet In Desperation, Hooked To The Earth
As Bony Fingers Clawed At The Roots
Shamed Heads, All Bowed,
Dropping Sweat And Tears

So Vast A Land!  
Yet So Scanty, In To Gather 
Uneasy Calm, And Sadness Ruled The Air
Then Suddenly, So Suddenly!
The Valley Roared For Joy!
All Heads Lifted Up In Desperate Hope!
As The Ark Returned
All Other Fields It Shunned
In Condemnation And In Judgment 
With Precision, The Ark Found A Field
The Field With The Rock!
The Holy Field Of Joshua
To Receive The Lord, In Worship

Unto Glory And Praise


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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