PP2.04 – Patience!

Patience Speaks Peace
It Trends The Paths Of Silence
Patience Leads To The Place Of Rest
It Shuns The Place Of Trouble 
Neither Will It Fret Nor Struggle
Patience Is Gentle

It Exudes The Air Of Tranquility
It Is Never In Haste
Patience Has Learnt To Wait
Ever So Quiet, It Does Not Cringe 
Patience Has No Trouble With Time
Its Time Is In Gods Hand
Patience Has No Record Of Times
It Neither Does For Seasons
It Is Always A Long Drawn Day
No Night, No Darkness

Patience Submits
It Is Humble
Patience Forbears, It Understands
It Cares And Shares
It Is Love
Patience Is A Deep Undercurrent
It Is Warm, Yet Strong 
Patience Charts Destinies 
In Wisdom It Daily Thrives
Patience, Gods Nature

In Grace Endowed To Man


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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