PP2.06 – Lily In The Desert


Just As Goshen In Pharaohs Egypt
Supple And Bubbling With Life
In The Place That Overhung With Death
Tender, And Frail
So Uncertain And So Unsure
Yet So Serene, So Captivating
In Grace And Splendour 
A Shoot On Dry Ground!
The Arm Of The Lord, Its Strength
A Covering Cloud,
From The Heat Of The Day
And A Soothing Dew
From The Drugginess Of The Night
And From The Depths, Beyond The Dusts
To The Waters, The Living Springs
Its Frail Roots Taps Strength To Live
A Lilly In The Desert!
Arrayed In Splendour Of Colours
Its Fragrance, Travels Far And Beyond
It Speaks Peace And Truth
To Its Harsh And Dry Neighbours
From Where Cometh Thy Strength?
Declare The Spring Of Thy Glory
He That Watches Over Zion 
Had Sworn Not To Rest!
But Daily Purges And Prunes
To Daily Teach And Trim

In Righteousness, Separated Unto Him
In Perfection, Just As He Is
Until Her Crown, Bedecked, To Rule

And Creation Is Arisen To Life


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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