PP2.07 – Valley Of Achor


Forward, This Camp Must Move
Destination By God Assured
Sacred And Kept By Promise  
In Purity And Chastity
As No Yoke Must Hold Her Down
And As No Clog Must Stop The Wheels
Every Lust After The Vile 

And Every Thrust 
For That Which Is  Vain
Let It Die Here And Now
Every Virtue That Rebels

Let This Valley Consume In Judgment
That The Tempteous Memories Of Sin
From Her Heart Be Purged
That This Dearth May Roll Over
And As Zealots Chant Praises
Let The Camp Arise In Righteousness
As We Follow His Spirit Again!
Beyond Us And Here

To Lead


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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