PP2.10 – Learn Of Me

Learn Of Me
To Be Of Me
Be In The Spirit
And Of My Spirit
Even As I Am In The Spirit
And Of One Spirit With The Father
That You May Be One With Me
As I Am One With The Father

Learn Of Me
Be Meek And Of Lowly Estate
Cast Down Your Crown
Even As I Shed My Glory
To Thread The Earth, For Man
Think Very Little Of The Self
Focus Your Thoughts On The Truth
Even As I Daily Live On The Father

Learn Of Me
Thrust After Righteousness
Be Pure In The Heart
Eschew Strife As You Embrace Peace
Dearly Love One Another
Daily Standing Between The Gap
Be Of One Accord
Even As I Am, With The Father
Learn Of Me
As You Receive Power
Manifest Sonship To Creation
As I Manifest My Glory Unto You
Be True Fulfillment Of My Word
Even As I Testify Of The Father
A Shining Light Be Unto The World
Even As I Am Light Unto You

Learn Of Me
As I Daily Reveal To You
My Glory To Behold
That You May Be Transformed
Unto True Life, In My Glory
As All Things Are Yours
In Dominion, As Joint Heirs

We Rule In The Fathers Kingdom


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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