PP2.11 – Build The Bridge

To You Islands, Sitting Upon The Waters
Hear The Clarion Call, The Bidding Of The Spirit
Hold Not Your Peace
For Time Is No Longer
The Lost Of The Flock Of Israel
Now Must Be Sought And Found 
Cut Your Axe, To Cut Your Beams
For It Is Time To Build Again
Á Bridge We Must Build
Across The Waters

To The Limits Of The Other Side
Fill Up Your Vessels
Girdle Your Spirit
Look To See, Beyond The Limits
With Zeal And The Chord Of Harmony
Let The Carpenters Get To Work
Let This Onerous Bridge Be Built
That We May Flow Forth
Like A Lively Surging Stream
That The Fallow Stretch Beyond
Might Break Forth To Life
That Love May Flow Forth
That Wounds Would Be Healed

That Pains May Subside


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.


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